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High Carbon Ferro Silicon
High Carbon Ferro Silicon

High Carbon Ferro Silicon

High carbon silicon main content based on silicon and carbon,it is a by-product of production of silicon metal.
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HC Silicon can replace FeSi,Silicon carbide,carburant and reduce the amount of deoxidizer in steelmaking,it is used in coverter smelting deoxidation alloy process,it is serves as deoxidizer and efficient heating agent (Si&C: 6.58kcal/g, 1.24kcal/g each) and recarburizer.

Becase Si&C at least 90%,the impurity is very less,so the input is easy to control,the effect is stable,steel chemical composition, mechanical properties and internal control quality are better than traditional processes.


High Carbon Silicon & HC Si





Chemical Composition(%)








HC Si68







HC Si65







HC Si60







HC Si55







HC Si50







一、What is silicon carbon alloy?
  Si-C alloy is a new type of alloy used in converters, which can replace ferrosilicon, silicon carbide, and carbides, reduce the amount of deoxidizer, and be used in the deoxidation alloying process of converter smelting. The effect is stable, and the chemical composition, mechanical properties, and internal control quality of the steel grade are better than traditional processes.

二、What are the main production areas of silicon carbon alloys?
  (1)Due to the fact that silicon carbon alloy is a new type of alloy, there are not many manufacturers producing silicon carbon alloy, mainly in the Anyang area of Henan province.

  (2)Our company has advanced production equipment and rich production experience, which can ensure the quality and stable supply of products. We strictly adhere to national quality standards to ensure the accuracy of product ingredients and reliable quality. At the same time, we also provide technical consultation and after-sales service to answer your questions and concerns during use.

三、What are the characteristics of silicon carbon alloy?
  (1)Improving the quality of molten steel, enhancing product quality, improving product performance, reducing alloy addition, lowering steelmaking costs, and increasing economic benefits.

  (2)Silicon carbon alloy is often used in steelmaking furnaces. As a new type of strong composite deoxidizer, it can also be used for general steel, alloy steel, and special steel tempering. In addition, as a heating agent, it can also replace the expensive traditional heating agent required for converter and flat furnace steelmaking. Silicon carbon alloy is a commonly used deoxidizer with the following advantages: no hydrogen source is generated during the deoxidation process, ensuring reliability; Carbon and silicon are important elements that determine the functionality of steel. Silicon carbon alloys not only react with oxygen in the molten steel to achieve deoxygenation, but the remaining unoxidized carbon and silicon can also dissolve in the molten steel to increase silicon and carbon, achieving a win-win effect. In order to obtain steel with qualified chemical composition and ensure its quality, steelmaking requires deoxidation. The chemical affinity between silicon and oxygen is high, so ferrosilicon is a strong deoxidizer used for precipitation and diffusion deoxidation in steelmaking. Adding an appropriate amount of silicon to steel can significantly improve its strength, hardness, and elasticity.

四、What are the advantages of using silicon carbon alloy?
 (1)The deoxidation effect of silicon carbon alloy, which contains silicon element, is mainly used for diffusion deoxidation of ordinary carbon steel. After adding silicon carbon alloy in the steelmaking process, the silicon element in the silicon carbon alloy reacts with oxygen, improving the hardness and quality of the steel. The silicon element in the silicon carbon alloy has a good affinity with oxygen, increasing the fluidity of the molten steel. Therefore, molten steel also has the characteristic of not splashing.

 (2)The slag collection effect of silicon carbon alloy, and silicon carbon alloy also has the advantage of slag collection. Adding a certain proportion of silicon carbon alloy to the molten steel can quickly combine the oxides in the steelmaking process, facilitate filtration treatment, make the molten steel more pure, and greatly improve the density and hardness of the steel.

 (3)Silicon carbon alloy increases furnace temperature, and it is a good high-temperature resistant material. Adding silicon carbon alloy in the steelmaking process can increase the furnace temperature, increase the conversion rate of ferroalloys, and accelerate the reaction rate between molten steel and elements.

 (4)Silicon carbon alloy has saved costs for many manufacturers. In today's world where ferroalloy materials are more expensive, silicon carbon alloy, as a new type of metallurgical material, is favored by many manufacturers due to its lower price than traditional metallurgical materials. Silicon carbon alloy can replace silicon iron and other expensive metallurgical materials and achieve unexpected satisfactory results. Therefore, the use of silicon carbon alloys can save manufacturers' costs while increasing profits.

五、What are the factors that affect the price of silicon carbon alloys?
 (1)The price of silicon carbon alloys is influenced by various factors. The supply and demand relationship of raw materials plays a decisive role in prices. If the supply of raw materials for producing silicon carbon alloys is scarce, prices will rise; On the contrary, if there is sufficient supply, the price will be relatively stable. Secondly, changes in market demand can also affect prices. If the demand for related industries increases, the price of silicon carbon alloys may rise; On the contrary, a decrease in demand may lead to a decrease in prices. In addition, factors such as government policies, production costs, and market fluctuations can also have an impact on the price of silicon carbon alloys.

 (2)We understand the changes in the market and the needs of our customers, and are committed to providing you with competitive prices.

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